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About Penny Castle

If you’d like to know more about BUILDING PRACTICAL LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT SKILLS then let’s connect. Email me at: penny@castlecoaching.co.za WHY SHOULD YOU CONNECT WITH PENNY? If you’re my ‘perfect’ client you’re an individual or team who knows what you want but recognize that your current leadership and management strategies are not getting you ‘there’ quickly enough. What sets me apart is my ability to demystify leadership and management skills. I translate the concepts into, doable ‘chunks’ so that you can put down the leadership book and get on with leading your business. I combine my knowledge of the latest trends in leadership skills, management skills and coaching with more than a decade’s hands-on leadership experience gleaned from initiating and leading high performance teams. I partner with you to allow you to build leadership competence. I help you through business coaching, executive coaching, team coaching and through the design and delivery of leadership and management development programs. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? I’ll help you build practical management and leadership skills that you can implement straight away through: - Individual face to face coaching - Individual Skype or phone coaching - Team and group coaching - Online leadership skills development programs - Face to Face leadership skills development programs I’ll work with you to get the ‘how to’ skills AND help you overcome the hidden obstacles that have stopped you implementing your leadership skills in the past. I spend my time reading the latest research and thinking on management and convert the learning into practical steps that you can implement easily. Specialties: - Practical Leadership Skills - Practical Management Skills - Business Coach - Executive Coach - Team Coach - Cross Selling Contact me on: penny@castlecoaching.co.za or visit my blog at www.castlecoaching.co.za or find out more about leadership development programs at toprightleadership.com

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